Speculative North Magazine, Issue #3 (December 2020)

Speculative North is a Canadian magazine dedicated to the celebration, promotion, and enjoyment of speculative literature in its various forms. Our mission is to foster a community of diverse voices in speculative literature, to create an enduring virtual space for readers and writers, and to promote the growth and flourishing of the speculative literature community. We publish high-quality, entertaining, and thought-provoking science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories with an international scope and regional Canadian focus.

Issue #3 includes: “Autumn in the Dying Light”, by Brian Koukol; “Bang the Drum”, by Andy Dibble; “The Vulture Man”, by Kai Calo; “The Air Show”, by Rudy Kremberg; “The Heron King”, by Eric Lewis; “The Laffun Head”, by Christi Nogle; “Sullied Flesh”, by Karl Dandenell; “The Selkie Wife”, by Marcie Lynn Tentchoff; “The Edge of Galaxy NGC 4013”, by Warren Brown. Non-fiction content includes an interview with Kolby Granville, publisher of After Dinner Conversation.

Speculative North #3 cover

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