Strange Religion & Strange Wars

What will the future of spirituality and warfare look like?

Strange Religion will reconsider theological topics—incarnation, reincarnation, revelation, miracles, and the like—through the lens of science fiction and fantasy and Strange Wars will explore the future of warfare - what will it look like in a hundred years? How will technology reshape war and the military?

Coming Soon! Both titles launching within the first week of May!

Submission Status: closed to submissions; both titles are ready to launch.

What is TDotSpec?

We are an independent publisher of Science Fiction and Fantasy based in Toronto, Ontario and living by our motto: we publish cool $#!t. 

We publish things that are cool. Things you want to talk about at parties and share with your friends.

We publish things that are fresh. Things that are different, compelling, intriguing.

We publish things that are fun. We think stories should be fun, and we like to have fun. We do this because we like it.

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