Speculative North Magazine, Issue #1 (May 2020)

The Inaugural issue of Speculative North!

Speculative North is a Canadian magazine dedicated to the celebration, promotion, and enjoyment of speculative literature in its various forms. Our mission is to foster a community of diverse voices in speculative literature, to create an enduring virtual space for readers and writers, and to promote the growth and flourishing of the speculative literature community.

As of June 27, issue #1 is now officially an Amazon #1 Bestseller in the category of Fantasy (Kindle) and #3 Bestseller in Science Fiction (Kindle) on Amazon.ca!

Speculative North Magazine Cover

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  • “Kariku’s Ocean”, A. B. Eyers
  • “Tokyo Burning”, Nathan Batchelor
  • “It’s Always Ice Time in the D.H.L.”, Gregg Chamberlain
  • “Mona Luna”, Christina Ladd
  • “Citizen of the Galaxy”, Evan Dicken
  • “Memories White”, Matthew Donahue
  • “The Alchemy of Curses”, Joshua Grasso


  • “He Sold What He Had Left”, Diane Callahan
  • “Grass Whisperer”, Lynne M MacLean


  • “A Long Time Ago, In City-States Far Away . . .”, Review of Guy Gavriel Kay’s A Brightness Long Ago by Lisa Timpf
  • Given: An Interview With Fantasy Author Nandi Taylor
  • Writing Exercise: “Seven Nuns in an Elevator”

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