Speculative North

Limited Open Call for Submissions

Status: Open for submissions - September 12th-19th, 2020

Fiction Submissions

We are currently seeking exciting, entertaining, thought-provoking, and well-written speculative fiction (broadly defined), without limitation on content or theme, in the range of 100 to 7500 words. To get a sense of what we are looking for, please download a free copy of issue #1 of Speculative North, available on our website.

This will be a highly competitive submission cycle, since there are only a few remaining spots in our upcoming issues.

We endeavour to maintain our 100% personalized response rate to all submissions.

Please use standard manuscript format and submit your story using a word-processor format such as doc, odt, or rtf. In particular, don’t use pages or PDF format.

Date: September 12 to 19, 2020 (EST)
Word limit: 7500 words (all things being equal, our preference is for shorter stories, aiming for 2k to 5k)
Pay: We pay a semi-pro rate of CAD 1.5c/word for original works; we pay a reduced rate of CAD .4c/word for reprints.
Simsubs: yes, simultaneous submissions are allowed
Multiple subs: no, only one story per author for this submission window
Reprints: yes, reprint submissions are allowed if the rights are available at the time of submission
Rights purchased: for original stories, one month of exclusivity in print and digital formats, followed by non-exclusive after one month; for reprints, non-exclusive in print and digital formats
How to submit: use the submission form available on our website

Poetry Submissions

We are also considering speculative poetry submissions for this limited window.

We pay CAD 25c/line for original poetry, to a maximum of $10; we pay CAD 5c/line for reprint poetry, to a maximum of $5. We prefer shorter poetry and modern forms. (For poetry only, we allow multiple submissions, up to three at a time; if submitting multiple poems, please submit each of the poems individually, not in one file, unless they are meant to be read together).