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Science fiction, fantasy, and horror from Canada and around the world!

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Strange Economics: economic speculative fiction

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What if souls were a form of currency? What if our potential could be bought and sold? What is the value of a memory?

Strange Economics: economic speculative fiction, available in paperback and Kindle eBook!

Imps & Minions

An anthology featuring unsung heroes: over 500 pages telling the untold stories of the faceless minions, the little guys, the villain’s sidekicks who do the dirty work!


A one-shot anthology of speculative fiction

Outsiders is the fourth of the "one-shot anthology" series. The completed collection has 38 stories and over 100,000 total words on the theme of "Outsiders", all of them written and edited in their entirety within a rigidly constrained 24-hour period during an online writing event.

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What is tdotspec?

We are an independent publisher of Science Fiction and Fantasy based in Toronto, Ontario and living by our motto: we publish cool $#!t. 

We publish things that are cool. Things you want to talk about at parties and share with your friends.

We publish things that are fresh. Things that are different, compelling, intriguing.

We publish things that are fun. We think stories should be fun, and we like to have fun. We do this because we like it.

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